Monday, 28 April, 2008

The Wisdom Of Taoism

The cloud does not insist upon its form,

The wave does not force its way over the ocean,

So why should you clutch so tightly

Your little map?

Follow your heart

And know joy in all things.

The path of freedom

Has no markers,

Yet it leads to fulfillment ;

The path of confusion

Is crowded with signs,

Pointing in all directions.

The Great Way is a humble, solitary path

Leading Home:

Follow it closely and be guided.

How do you know you are on the Way?

When your map no longer serves you.

My Dear Friends,
Amarendra Ji has offered a beautiful insight on the Great Path of Taoism and has shared his

thoughts on the same. Thank you so much Amar ji :)
Please check out his wonderful blog (s) - The Unseen

Wednesday, 23 April, 2008

Thoughts from my Spiritual Diary-11

As I sat today facing my window catching glimpses of the bright, new morning before getting ready for work, I saw something which caught my attention. My huge, Gulmohar tree which had turned all dry and wilted in the winters bore its new, fresh leaves and this sight left me smiling : )
This tree breaks out in the most attractive Flaming-red flowers during summers which has started here in Mumbai…every winter I see its sheen and glory bidding a goodbye only to bounce back with a crown on its head..!

A typical seasonal beauty which has its fixed cycle of barrenness followed by the glorious flowering…I wondered with awe at God’s Perfect Planning, something I so often misunderstand.

I want things and life to move at a particular pace and there I see, so many halts, delays and obstacles…So typically me! Impatient and restless at times..Its like trying to pester God to give me fruits which haven’t ripened yet! I tend to forget that He has a time for every little thing, His clock always strikes on time :) not too early and never too late…Just like He does for my Gulmohar tree :) who flaunts its flaming red flowers at a set time and then transforms itself into a leafless, barren beauty.

The same holds true for the current scenario of my life…its been years and years of waiting…... (For my true calling, for just few glimpses of my future life ;))... some with abundant patience and some loaded with immature impatience as I try to surpass every phase with so many important lessons and revelations… thanks to His Infinite mercies and blessings which have kept me going. I feel He has a good laugh everytime I goof up, feel upset (for all those petty things which seem like mountains for me) or show my impatience or try an be an irresponsible daughter ;))

He must be saying, “ Whats wrong with you sweety?!! You didn’t understand my message yet again, you naughty girl! Just hold me tight, its not time yet!”

I am waiting for His clock to strike…strike at His Time and bring forth Hidden Plans and secrets out of His closet..i don’t wish for myself.....although I do have a long list of things to be asked for all my loved ones and even strangers ;) Its that time I really urge God to put on His glasses and take a closer look into our lives and do the needful!

For all those who are waiting for their deliverance…..
Asking for True Love, Good Health, A suitable Career, A beautiful Home, A blissful marriage, A Godsent soulmate as a life partner, Angels in the form of children, Loyal friendships, relief from their mental turmoil, cure of a deadly disease, blessings for their loved ones, a Happy family life, unceasing Spiritual stamina, His Love and Devotion…may they have them all!!!

Ameen ! ( Oops, but at Your time, sorry God, I goofed up again ;))