Friday, 25 July, 2008

" In a sense misery is your best friend, because it commences, you seeking God. When you begin to see clearly the imperfections of the world, you will begin to seek the Perfection of God.
The truth is that God is using evil, not to destroy us, but to make us disillusioned with His toys, with the playthings of this world, so that we might seek Him.
Trouble and sorrow have a lesson for us. Our painful experiences are not meant to break us, but to burn out our dross, to hurry us back Home.
No one is more anxious for our release than God."
- Sri Sri Paramahansa Yogananda (PBUH)

Monday, 21 July, 2008

Difficulties- A Help for Realization

Difficulties are sent to us exclusively to make the Realization more perfect. Each time we try to realize something and meet with a resistance or an obstacle or even a failure- what seems to be a failure- we should never forget that it is exclusively, absolutely needed , so that The Realization may be more perfect.
So this habit of cringing, of getting discouraged or even feeling uncomfortable, or of abusing and telling yourself : " There! Again I have made a mistake "- all that is absolute foolishness.
Simply tell yourself : " We dont know how to do things as they ought to be done ; well, they are being done for us,come what may! " And if we could see to what extent all that seems to be, yes, a difficulty, a mistake, a failure, an obstacle- all that is just to help us, so that the Realization is clearly understood. Once you know that, everything becomes easy.
Shocks and trials always come as a Divine Grace to show us the points in our being where we fall short and the movements in which we turn our back on our soul by listening to the clamour of our mental and vital being.
Be absolutely convinced that everything that happens, happens in order to give us precisely the lesson we needed.
If we know how to accept these spiritual blows with due humility, we are sure to cover a great distance at a single bound.

-An excerpt from the works of The Mother.

Tuesday, 15 July, 2008

The Tao of Healing

The forgiving person carries no burdens,
Walks with a light step ;
One who has no attachments perceives perfection
Even in the burning of her own house.

See the smoke?
Everything moves toward God.

Those who live without judgement
Have unshackled their souls
And know the unmeasured tally of eternal suns.

The compassionate person loves Self:
Each deed a graceful act of unthinking kindness.

The lover naturally sees each person as lovable
And in the untouchable an opportunity to embrace.
The fearful judge the healer and wounded alike,
And each healer has known a wounded heart.

The liberated soul sees disease
As another remarkable journey.
Fear not, my friend :
There is something to be gained
From every Illusion.

P.s. Dearest Friends please check out this amazing blog called Spiritual Quotes and Quotations by Spiritual Bee.
Its Simply soul warming :)
My Best wishes, Love and Prayers for you dear one :) God Bless you with His Light always.

Thursday, 10 July, 2008

My Dearest Friends,
Peace and love to you all :)
Very recently i came across very beautiful and interesting blogs which i recommend you all must visit and bless with your comments . I am sure you would love it!
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My best wishes, love and prayers for you both- Dear Cyrus and Dear Srini
God bless you both with His Hand always on you :)

Saturday, 5 July, 2008

Dispelling the clouds of Attachment

All things are only fragments and manifestations of the mind. Thus good deeds come from good thoughts in the mind; and evil deeds come from evil thoughts in the mind. The mind already possesses Perfect Wisdom.
The bright azure of the sky and the bright beam of the sun are frequently obscured by clouds ; and in their ignorance people may imagine that the brightness of the sky and the sun have dimmed.But as soon as the clouds have passed, it becomes clear that the sky and the sun are as bright as ever.
Evil habits may be compared with the clouds and Perfect Wisdom may be compared with the sun.When you attach yourself to external objects, you cloud your mind, and you prevent this Wisdom from shedding its Light.
But happily there are many good and enlightened teachers who can show you The Way- The Way leading to the realization of True Wisdom. Once you have been shown the Way, then by your own efforts you may follow it, dispelling every kind of illusion.
Remove from your minds all clouds of jealousy, vanity, pride, deceit, falsehood, disdain, snobbery and arrogance. Listen to those who draw your attention to these clouds; and be constantly on the alert, looking for them yourself.
When the clouds of attachment have gone, The Light may shine without hindrance.

-Zen Mysticism ( Hui-Neng 6)

Friday, 4 July, 2008

" The nearer you come to God, the less are you disposed to question and reason. When you come up to Him, when you behold Him as the Reality, then all noise, all disputations are at an end. Then it is time for Eternal Sleep, i.e. For Bliss which comes in Samadhi, in which one is in a state of communion with the Blessed Vision Divine. "

-Sri RamaKrishna (pbuh)