Thursday, 10 July, 2008

My Dearest Friends,
Peace and love to you all :)
Very recently i came across very beautiful and interesting blogs which i recommend you all must visit and bless with your comments . I am sure you would love it!
They are-

1) Cyrus Rumi

2) Jnanagni- The Fire Of Wisdom

My best wishes, love and prayers for you both- Dear Cyrus and Dear Srini
God bless you both with His Hand always on you :)


Cyrus Rumi said...

Hi Krishna, :)

I am touched by your sincerity!

Thank you.

Peace, blessings and honour to you, family and friends.

Srini said...

Krishna, that's so kind of you! Thank you very much for the link :))

God Bless... and more power to you!

Spiritual Bee said...

Dear Krishna...

"The Selfless heart is always in rhythm of God..."

In your blog post seems to be you have Selfless heart person...i love them...

Spread your thoughts throughout world....God always with you...

...jaisriramakrishna maharaji ki.. jai

surjit said...

Yes, I agree with your choice, Krishna.I often visit their sites.
God bless.

Krishna. N. C. said...

My Dear Spiritual Bee,
I welcome you with open arms to my blog and my humble Namaste to you :))
i am humbled by your kindwords :) Thank you so much for your goodwishes:)
Sending you lots of love and prayers.
Sri Ram Krishna Maharaj ki Jai!!

Krishna. N. C. said...

Respected and dearest Surjit ji,
Pranaam :) I am so glad you have visited and liked the blogs!! Thank you so much :)
They are such good food for our souls :))
Sending you my love and prayers :)

Krishna. N. C. said...

My Dear Cyrus and Srini,
Sending you both my sincere Love, prayers and blessings for you and your loved ones too :))
Its just my very humble attempt to spread His Beauty and Glory!
May He always keep you shining :)