Thursday, 28 February, 2008

Spiritual Love

Time and place are spiritual states, and all that is seen and heard is spiritual. If you close your eyes you perceive all things through the depths of your inner self and you will see the world physical and ethereal, in its intended entirety, and you will acquaint yourself with its necessary laws and precautions, and you will understand the greatness that it possesses beyond its closeness....
When you know a thing, you believe it, and the true lover and believer sees with his spiritual discernment that which the surface investigator cannot see with the eyes of his head, and he understands through his inner thought that which the outside examiner cannot understand with his demanding, acquired process of thought.
The believer/lover acquaints himself with the sacred realities through deep senses different from those used by others. A true lover looks upon his senses as a great wall surrounding him, and when he walks upon the Path he says, “ This city has no exits. But it is perfect Within.”

- Kahlil Gibran
one of my favourite writer, mystic, poet and a visionary)
(Jubran Kahlil Gibran 1883- 1931)

"For where there is True Love, a man is neither out of measure lifted up by prosperity, nor cast down by mishap : whether you give or take away from him.
So long as he keeps his beloved, he has a spring of inward peace.
Thus, even though thy outward man grieve or weep downright, that may well be borne, if only thy inner man remain at peace, perfectly content with the Will of God."

Johannes Tauler

Friday, 22 February, 2008

Let Thy Will Be Done

Most of us come into this world with the seed in us- “Its not okay.” All our lives we try to correct events, people and situations but how much can you correct? It is like trying to rearrange the clouds in the sky. This seed does not allow you to be happy, to smile from your heart, to be loving and loveable.

It is there all the time like a thorn- irritating, irritating….! This seed –“ its not okay.”- brings you back into this world again and again.
So how do you burn this seed? Simply recognize that it is there. This can happen in deep introspection and meditation.
Sometimes you also feel that your body, mind, intellect, memory and ego are not okay. You justify them of find faults with them, but these are also part of the world He created. Acknowledge what you see as an imperfection and offer it to the Divine.
Have faith in the Infinite organizing power of The Supreme Intelligence and have the sincere feeling, “ Let Thy Will be done.” Then the seed- “Its not okay.”- gets burned.
“Thy Will be done” is a state of total contentment, a state of complete, unconditional love. We need not even make it a statement about the future. “y Will is happening now.”

So everything that is happening is God’s will?
Yes, it is including the thought-“This shouldn’t be happening.”
His Holiness Sri Sri Ravi Shanker.

So often when I get worked up with my daily routine or am just plain stressed I try and pick out faults with the whole world! I foolishly try and challenge His perfect Divine Order wherein I get nothing but loads of regret and resentments as part of this unbalanced act and reading this piece of His Holiness gives my whirling mind a sense of calm and the right perspective.
Finally.. I realise ..It is not the outer world which is at chaos but it is my inner world which is at discord trying to tell me so many things. And then its time to seek within and surrender all at His feet :)

Monday, 18 February, 2008

The Art of Living :)

Do not plan to live life, lets just live it.
Do not solve a problem, lets dissolve it.
Do not enjoy life, lets find joy in it.
Do not expect a perfect life, lets fill it with perfect moments.
Do not create an emergency, lets emerge and see.

Do not judge "what" you do: lets just observe "how" we do it.
Do not think "what should be" : lets just accept "what is".

Do not think too much, lets blink and simply act.

Do not identify with our minds, lets simply put the "I" in the DEN.
Do not fold your arms, lets hold someone in them.
Do not point a finger to condemn, lets wipe a tear with the same finger.
Do not stop smiling, let it go miles capturing a million hearts :)

Do not stop the flow of life : Let it glow around you.

Do not get upset with circumstances, Lets just Reset our thoughts.

Thursday, 14 February, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day :)

On this beautiful occasion of Valentine’s Day, if you are going to ask me with whom would I be...I would say I am still miserably single but I am so blessed and fortunate to have a whole bunch of loving people who complete my little universe and make my life so colourful…!!!
My dear God has been so very kind to me. Love was blessed in abundance in the form of a very Loving and affectionate father( who I so dearly miss, PBUH) a beautiful and a perfect mother who is my idol and a very charming dear brother…A picture perfect family : )) Along with my family I have so many beautiful souls not to forget my bestfriend and soulmate Anu who make life such a celebration!

Today, I want to wish every single soul who in some way or other has added priceless moments to my life, enriched my heart and soul, inspired me to forge ahead on His Path and blessed me with their endless wisdom and compassion:)

Following are my sweethearts who i so dearly love and adore...
Wishing you all a very Happy Valentine's Day with loads of love and hugs!!!
God Bless you all :)

Respected Brother Irving- A dedicated Darvish, a distinguished author, a living inspiration with an illustrious past and a shining future, my beloved who I hold responsible for capturing a hundred hearts with Infinite love and compassion, who I so humbly look upto as a self- confessed secret admirer ;) You mean so much to me, you are surely His Blessed Angel :)) And yes, Brother you are the most beautiful Rose in Allah’s Garden!

Sadiq- An extremely passionate and a true-blue mystic who is a wonderful human being and so rightly His Blessed Favourite Son :) An adorable friend and my spiritual companion! You are truly the shiniest star in His Universe :) My humble Salaam to your love and knowledge of mysticism. Keep sparkling buddy!

Dipti- My beloved sister who I so dearly love. You embody such heart melting innocence and purity of spirit. Beneath such a beautiful soul lies a treasure of age old wisdom which you always surprise me with! His sweetest Little Angel!

Safa- An Epitome of Divine Love- I call you His Truest Lover! Mysticism and His Devotion is what you are comprised of. I so dearly adore you for your spirit of Oneness :) You really shine up Allah’s Kingdom my dear:) You are such a humble spirit engaged in Divine Romance! Keep the Love burning :)

Frieda- A wonderful mother, and a very beautiful soul full of love. Your have always inspired me with your writings and thoughts, moved my heart many a times and touched the right chords within! Keep Glowing!

Beloved Mama Patricia- A flawless soul brimming with such soulful human emotions : ) You truly are the epitome of Purity and Compassion, a beautiful Mother figure and an even marvellous life partner! I so dearly love you for what you are- a Complete Woman!
You sure are His Beloved : ) Grace and Dignity personified!

Brother Abdur- A devout Sufi, a heart warming writer, a soul’s true delight! I so deeply love and respect your spirit of your complete surrender to His Will:)
Your writings have always taken my heart and soul away from this world closer to Him!

Solitaire- Your depth of knowledge and boundless wisdom have always made my heart skip beats! Your dignified taste of subjects and choice of writings have offered so many seekers like me a glimpse of His beautiful World! You are so true to your name- A shining Solitaire: ) Keep shining dear!

Tariq- Your world of Sufism is where I get lost in everytime ! Salaam to your Love and sufist philosophy my dear! Your writings come out so effortlessly singing out your deepest emotions that lie buried underneath that beautiful sparkling soul! You surely spruce up Allah's Kingdom:)

Amina- An extremely dashing and enterprising young spirit who has loads of spark hidden within! I love your straight from the head and heart writings- perfect and bold : ) Keep up that spirit dear!

Akash- An extremely beautiful soul gleaming with intense thoughts. You always make my heart glow and offer so many endless smiles :)) I so dearly adore your writings and yes they show me the depth of your pure heart! A blessing indeed: )

Sam- Your knowlegde and depth of understanding alongwith your self confidence and passionate spirit sure makes you an adorable soul! Your hunger for growth and development in all spheres of life has won so many hearts, including mine! Keep up with your excellent work, you sure offer so much light to so many souls like me: )

Saturday, 9 February, 2008

Krishna, Christ: East and West

The root of the word ‘ gospel ’ in old English is ‘ godspel ’ which means ‘ GOD ’ (good) plus ‘ spell ’ (tale). So gospel in general means the message or teachings of a religios teacher, regardless of time and geographical location.

Take Lord Krishna and Christ, the many-splendoured Apostle- Teachers. Though they wer born in different times, in different climes the twain have interesting similarities in their lives and precepts. Both descended to earth with the same purpose, to raise man to a Higher grade of life, overthrow the forces of ignorance, hatred, selfishness and unrighteousness and redeem the true spirit of humanity.

Kansa, the King of Mathure, and Herod, the King of Palestine, were forewarned that they wold be killed by a child. So they slaughtered children mercilessly. But as Divinity ordained, Krishna and Christ had miraculous births. Krishna was born in captivity and Christ in a manger.
Jesus Christ came to the world to save mankind. And so did Krishna who prached universal brotherhhod, “ Sarva bhta hite ratah”, indulge yourself in the welfare of all creatures. Similarly Christ said, “ Love Thy Neighbour as Thyself.”

Both Krishna and Christ were pacifists. But they also resorted to violence to destroy evil. They were a synthesis of a lamb( as Christ is called) and a lion.
In the Mahabharata, Krishna tries to avoid war before fighting. Christ, in The Sermon on The Mount, preaches humility, peace and nonviolence. But He then pursues Satan in The War in Heaven down to hell and destroys him.
The vision of the Cosmic form that Krishna reveals in The Gita: “ I behold thee as one without beginning, middle or end, ” has its echoes in The New Testament : “ Holy, holy, holy, is The Lord God Almighty, who was, who is and who is to come.”

Time has no power over the names, deeds and words of our Blessed Apostle- Teachers (PBUT)

-C.D.Verma (An Article published in The Hindustan Times)

“ Whatever in society is good and great and sublime is the working of Love. Whatever in society is very bad, diabolical- is also illdirected , working of the same emotion Love.

It is this same emotion that gives us the pure and Holy Conjugal love as well as the sort of love which goes to satisfy the lowest forms of passion.
It is the same feeling of love well or ill directed that impels one man to do good and to give all he has to the unfortunate ones, while it makes another man cut the throats of his brethren and take away all their possessions.
The former loves others as much as the latter loves himself- that’s the only difference.”

-Swami Vivekananda (one of India’s greatest master, saint and mystic)

Monday, 4 February, 2008

My Dear friends,
Below I am sharing with you a piece of inspiring writing by one of my favourite writer- Hugh Prather whose books I so dearly adore and love. He says,

We are free to misuse the gifts God gave us, or atleast to imagine that we have that power. We can dream of a world where there is no real evidence of The Divine, where all things live off death of something else, and where everything even the stars and constellations eventually end. But the smile of God, which knows no time, hasn’t vanished simply because we fantasize it has. We are free to misuse our mind, but we can also use it kindly, peacefully, lovingly, generously which allows us to experience its Divine origin and partake of its true power.

God truly gave us our minds to make us happy. Lets make use of this priceless gift for the betterment of all His children and live His blessed life in peace and harmony:)

Sunday, 3 February, 2008

The Good Samaritan

Once a traveler suddenly fell sick and lay unconscious on the road. All the passersby looked at him, but no one came forward to help. Some thought he must be a drunkard, others were just indifferent to him.
At last one passerby, an ordinary person, took pity on him. He came near,felt his pulse and poured some water in his mouth and started tending to him. After sometime, the sick man got back to his senses. He was profusely thankful to the unknown person.
“I want to reward you suitably for your timely help. Please tell me what can I do for you?” said the traveler.
The person replied : “ Thank you very much for providing me an opportunity to serve you and thereby please God. I did not serve you for money or any reward. I did it as a matter of principle with no gains in mind.”
The man pleaded : “ But I will be very happy to give you some return. Why deprive me of that?”
The person said : “ Look at nature. The wonderful trees, the beautiful flowers and the green leaves, the blue sky, the endless ocean..all give so much solace and joy to us but take nothing I return. If you are still keen to pay me back, please offer similar service to anybody in need. I will be amply rewarded by that”
“ Atleast let me know your name, ” pleaded the traveler.

“The Good Samaritan in The Bible had no name.So it doesn’t matter who I am or what I’m called. I’m pleased to have had the chance to be of help and that’s good enough for me.” said the good person before going his way.
This precisely is the Karma Yoga taught in the Holy Bhagavad Gita. In fact, all our religions urge us to do our duties without any attachment to the reward or outcome or expectation of any return. If we do our duty towards humanity then our own future will invariably taken care of.

Every action has its equal and opposite reaction, remember?!