Thursday, 30 October, 2008

True helpfulness comes from connection, not from words.

" Words alone dont help. It is what God speaks in our hearts when we read or hear words that helps. That's why familiar passages from sacred scriptures often mean something new each time we re-read them. And that's why it never works for me to decide what someone else needs to hear. If i want to be of use today, I must focus on my feelings of connection with others, because God is heard within the experience of Love.

-Hugh Prather

Friday, 24 October, 2008

" It does not seem right that The Heavenly Father should allow so much misery in the world," a student remarked.

Paramahansaji replied:
"No cruelty exists in God's plan, because in His eyes there is no good or evil- only pictures of light and shadows. The Lord intended us to view the dualistic scenes of life as He does Himself- the ever joyous Witness of a stupendous cosmic drama. Man has falsely identified himself with the pseudo-soul or ego. When he transfers his sense of identity to his true being, the immortal soul, he discovers that all pain is unreal. He no longer can even imagine the state of suffering."

The Guru added: " Great Masters who come to earth to help their bewildered brothers are permitted by God to share, on a certain level of their minds, the sorrows of mankind; but that sympathetic participation in human feelings does not disturb deeper levels of consciousness on which Saints experience only changeless beatitude. "
-Sri Paramahansa Yoganandji (PBUH)

Sunday, 19 October, 2008

The Timeless Wisdom of Kahlil Gibran

"The angels keep count of every tear shed by Sorrow: and they bring to the ears of the spirits hovering in the heavens of the Infinite, each song of Joy wrought from our affections. There, in the world to come, we shall see and feel all the vibrations of our feelings and the motions of our hearts. We shall understand the meaning of Divinity then within us, whom we so condemn because we are so delusioned by Despair."

Wednesday, 15 October, 2008

Thought of the day :)

" Far have i travelled,

Long have i struggled,
Following the impulse of my restless will
Seeking! Seeking! Seeking!
In quest of happiness i sought through life's mansion...
But happiness i found not there.
I found happiness nowhere till my self-will was lost in His Will "

- Swami Paramananda

Friday, 10 October, 2008

The Wisdom of Sufi Mysticism

A Sufi master was sitting quietly, when a group of men came to punish him for the wrongs he was accused of committing. The men rained blows on the Sufi master, hitting him a thousand times. Yet, the master remained silent and no sign of pain appeared on his face. After they had finished beating him, the men took the Sufi master to the court. The judges asked, " How did you suffer no pain when you were beaten? " The master replied: " When the men were raining blows on me, my beloved wife was looking on. Her love made the pain seem easier. Then I thought that, if the loving gaze of a human being can ease pain, the Loving Gaze of God can eliminate pain altogether. "

Sunday, 5 October, 2008

The Extent of His Grace

No matter how great your Faith and trust in the Divine Grace, no matter how great your capacity to see it at work in all circumstances, at every moment, at every point in life, you will never succeed in understanding the marvellous immensity of Its Action, and the precision, the exactitude with which this Action is accomplished: you will never be able to grasp to what extent His Grace does everything, is behind everything, organises everything, conducts everything, so that the march forward to the Divine Realization may be as swift, as complete, as total and harmonious as possible, considering the circumstances of the world. As soon as you are in contact with Him, there is not a second in time, not a point in space, which does not show you dazzlingly this perpetual work of Grace, and His constant intervention. And once you have seen this, you feel you are never equal to it, for you should never forget it, never have any fears, anguish, regrets, recoils...or even suffering. If one were in Union with this Grace, if one saw Him everywhere, one would begin living a life of exultation, of all-power, of Infinite happiness. And that would be the Best possible Collaboration
in The Divine Work.

- The Mother from her book- The Sunlit Path