Tuesday, 30 September, 2008

Back Home to where the Heart is :)

Praise The Lord!

It feels great to be back, after a long hiatus : ) Its been a long holiday of sorts only from blogging, not otherwise (oh, how I crave for a never-ending one ;) Life has been giving me so many experiences and showing me such hues of emotions, all blended together to make me a better and a stronger human being. Often I find myself so vulnerable and sensitive to the different events and happenings of life that I fail to figure out the real hidden me ;)

Veiled underneath layers of personal desires, the silly but huge ego-trap, expectations of my loved ones, passion to grow, excel in becoming better and attaining a calm, blissful composure, my emotional wants, and well, the list is endless…!

But yes, this break did open my eyes to reality, reminded me of the value and importance of love and togetherness which we so often take for granted in more ways than one, taught me the vital virtue of having immense patience, for in the times of adversity, God is verily with those who are patient: so beautifully says The Quran : )

I spent so much of my time in plain silence, just with myself trying and getting to know me! We all feel so alone at some point of time and its in that defining moment where some aspect of realization shines and smiles upon our dusty souls and we strongly feel that we belong to Him..Maybe we are His chosen ones, and that’s the only consolation for all that melodrama which takes place in our daily life!
Heartbreaks, failures, loss, sadness, unhappiness, crisis, loneliness, illness, death of a loved one…no matter what, He is closest to us than all the other happy times…Remember that beautiful story of God and the footprints? So often we feel He has deserted us and is so far but the truth is that He has picked us up and is carrying us in His arms :)) This is one of my favourite stories and it has such a special place in my heart!!

Coming back to all my Beautiful souls…I have been missing you all so much, the beauty and those magical words full of love and wisdom so often has filled this little, naughty and restless heart with unceasing joy! It has been a real blessing that I had got some very encouraging and heart warming emails wherein it was such a motivation to get back to blogging …something that I am so fond of : not to mention the lovely souls who I have met and conversed with through the blog :))
Thank you so much for making my life such a beautiful journey and the love and encouragement that you all have offered me through your mails :) It really means so much to me.
Looking forward to tread along this Blessed Path with you all once again hand in hand!

Also Wishing you all a very blessed and Happy Eid Mubarak :)