Saturday, 29 December, 2007

In The End

Ready or not, some day it will all come to an end.

There will be no more sunrises, no minutes, hours or days.

It wont matter where you came from or what side of the tracks you lived on at the end.

It wont matter whether where you were beautiful or brilliant. Even your gender and skin colour will be irrelevant.

What will matter is not your success but your significance.

What will matter is not what you learned but what you taught.

What will matter is every act of integrity, courage, compassion and love.

What will matter is not competence but your character.

What will matter is not how many people you knew, but how many will have tears and feel a lasting loss when you are gone.

Living a life that matters doesn’t happen by accident. Its not a matter of Circumstance but of CHOICE.

(An E-mail Forward)

Thursday, 27 December, 2007

Conform Your Wishes to Reality

For good or for bad, life and nature are governed by laws that we cant change. The quicker we accept this, the more tranquil we can be. You would be foolish to wish that your spouse or your children live forever. They are mortal, just as you are, and the laws of mortality is completely out of your hands.

Similarly, it is foolish to wish that your partner, friend, family relative or employee be without fault. This is wishing to control things that you cant truly control.

It is within our control not to be disappointed by our desires if we deal with them according to facts rather than by being swept away by them.

We are ultimately controlled by that; which bestows what we seek or removes what we don’t want. If its freedom you seek, then wish nothing and shun nothing that depends on others,or you will always be a helpless slave.

Understand what freedom really is and how it is achieved. Freedom isn’t the right or ability to do whatever you please. Freedom comes from understanding the limits of our own power and the natural limits set in place by Divine Providence. By accepting life’s limits and inevitabilities and working with them rather than fighting them, we become Free.

If on the other hand, we succumb to our passing desires for things that aren’t in our control, Freedom is lost.

-Excerpt from The Art of Living by Sharon Lebell
( Based on the Teachings of Epictetus- a 3rd century stoic master and philosopher)

Monday, 24 December, 2007

Christ- Our Saviour Is Born

Joy to the world, the Lord is come!
Let earth receive her King;
Let every heart prepare Him room,
And Heaven and nature sing,

No more let sins and sorrows grow,
Nor thorns infest the ground;
He comes to make His blessings flow
Far as the curse is found,

He rules the world with truth and grace,
And makes the nations prove
The glories of His righteousness,
And wonders of His love.

Oh Lord, bless this Christmas season with peace and joy,
Grant that each soul reflects Your goodness.
Rid each heart of fear and distress, loneliness and pain, leaving only
The serenity and security of resting in Your everlasting love.
In the precious name of Your Son, I pray,


Wishing you all a Merry Christmas!!

Love, Hugs and Prayers

Krishna : )

Thursday, 20 December, 2007

My Angel without Wings :-)

Happy birthday Kuni...!!!

(Thats me and my Angel- Kunal..he is such a darling, isnt he?!!)

20th December, 2007.
Today is a very special day. 25 years ago on this day I was gifted a sweet sibling- my brother Kunal. My innocent joy knew no limits. He came in my life as God’s sweetest blessing.And yes, my life changed forever. He is my real hero, my emotional anchor, a true rockstar and my guardian Angel without wings....!!

What can I say about you kuni? Only an honest confession that I am so incomplete without you.

Your childlike innocence, those twinkling big eyes ( oh how much I envy them!) , your rib tickling sense of humour, your protectiveness for me ( hey, I thought only I am the caring one!) your mind boggling creative potential (often made me so proud of you ), your endless zest for life, your heart warming love for the less fortunate and meek ones ( remember the little kitten you rescued in that stormy,rainy night and brought her home,that was cho chweeet!!!), your rocksolid focus and concentration (no doubt, you always scored more marks than me inspite of studying so less!) , your mischievous, cute smile (kuni you get away so instantly, not fair!!), your deep rooted emotions and sentiments (well, you are such a softie inspite of that strong demeanor), your soul stirring sense of spirituality ( leaves me astonished and amazed and yes I am your disciple in this aspect, I agree:-)… my dear brother the list is endless…

No, your chatter-queen sister has no words today to describe your adorable Self. I still remember the times you taught me some of the most important lessons of life…the art of letting go everything that is not meant for me with dignity and grace, having the conscience heard to most often in the battle of the heart and the mind, focusing on only doing good deeds and karma no matter what life has in list just a few..
You know what? I really look upto you Kunal and I am immensely proud to say that (inspite of the fact that I am 2 years elder to you, haha;-)

For all those times when I glorified my stupid ego and stuck to my impulsive behaviour,
For harassing you with my mood tantrums,
For acting as if I know it all (only sometimes!)
For just not “ listening” to what you had to say,
For taking your positive criticisms in such shoddy light,
For all those melodramatic reactions (pls don’t blame it on my dailysoaps and movie-watching!)
And for my endless talks (I guess you know by now)
I am sooooo sorry :-(

On this special day, I reflect on all those sweet stolen memories and timeless moments we shared together and grew in soul and spirit so beautifully..
For deep in my heart there lies a very beautiful place for you and trust me there You Rule!!! Its all yours my sweet kuni :-)

Thank you for making me feel that I am the best sibling one could ever have..
For making my tears gleam like stars with your perfect hilarious one-liners,
For loving me so unconditionally, guiding and being my protective Angel ( I am still the naïve and gullible mad girl and am so lost without you...)

I just want you to know that I LOVE YOU VERY VERY MUCH and you are the rockstar of my little world :-))

I pray to God that may He bless your innocent, pure soul with everything it desires today, tomorrow and always…
May He honour you with a Righteous Life..
May He illuminate your path with His Light and grant you endless happiness, success,love and never ceasing mercy….
May you be the brightest star of His beautiful world :))

I am sure Papa up in the heavens( sitting very close to God) has his Loving glance on you and is smiling…and sending you so many blessings and goodwishes for you-his wonderful son..!!!(i see so much of him in you)

My soulful blessings and prayers for you too kuni- My Angel without wings.

Wish you a very very Happy Birthday!!!

Your fiercely possessive and loving sister,


Friday, 7 December, 2007

Peace and love to one and all,

I am going out of town for a short holiday with my family from the 10th to the 17th December. There will be no new posts until then . I will get back again on the 19th with lots of zing and energy ;-)

Till then you all have a good week, take good care of yourselves and keep the faith.

God bless :-)

Lots of love and prayers for you all,


Tuesday, 4 December, 2007

Thoughts from my Spiritual Diary-8

A pretty as a pink rose little girl in a pretty pink dress, walked into a beautiful candy shop and found a beautiful old man with a beautiful white beard behind her regular counter.

Who are you, she asked sweetly. “ I am God”, was the soft tender reply. “What sweets would you like?”. The pretty girl thought for a while and then said, “if you are God, why should I bother you with sweets, I’d rather have something more if I may.”

“Sure my little one” was God’s reply. “What would you like?”

“I’d like some peace of mind, some love and some happiness”, she said.]

“Why would a young girl like you want all of this ?”God asked. “Ah” said the pretty little girl, “ its not for me”.

And god granted her all that she asked for :-)

Whatever we pray for know that somewhere in humanity another person has the same need., so include them in. We all want good health, unconditional love, peace of mind, success in our careers, our true soulmates, happiness for our families. Let this be our prayer, before or after our personal prayers. Those who pray for others first, are heard by God first. We will all only have lasting happiness with what we most crave for, only when everyone too has that happiness.

May they have it soon God and until they do, please pass on my blessings to those who have not all the joys I have got from You!!!

Thoughts from my Spiritual Diary-7

To curse grief is easier than to bless it, but to do so is to fall back into the point of view of the earthly, the carnal, the natural man. By what has Christianity subdued the world if not by the apothesis of grief, by its marvellous transmutation of suffering into triumph, of the crown of thorn into the crown of glory, and of a gibbet into a symbol of salvation? What does the apothesis of The Cross mean, if not the death of death, the defeat of sin, the beautification of martyrdom, the rising to the skies of voluntary sacrifice, the defiance of pain?… -Henri Amiel

Pain-The Beginning of Joy

Suffering was a curse from which man fled; now it becomes a purification of the soul, a sacred trial sent by Eternal Love, a Divine dispensation meant to sanctify and ennoble us, an acceptable aid to complete faith, a strange initiation into happiness. A Power of Belief in the Kingdom of My Father. The real beauty comes from surrendering. In His Name and as He Wills.

For as The Quran says, nothing of man matters to God as much as man’s sense of spirituality. Everything He gives to you, this is the only thing that you of your choice alone, can give to Him. It is the only thing My Father sees, judges and holds close to His heart. And what a place that would be for us to live in! Close to His heart. In His Heart! Show me a better address!!

All remains the same, and yet all is changed. A new certitude arises to deny the apparent and the tangible; it pierces through the mystery of things, it places an invisible loving and a caring Father behind the visible nature, it shows us joy shining through tears and makes of pain the beginning of Joy :-)