Tuesday, 4 December, 2007

Thoughts from my Spiritual Diary-7

To curse grief is easier than to bless it, but to do so is to fall back into the point of view of the earthly, the carnal, the natural man. By what has Christianity subdued the world if not by the apothesis of grief, by its marvellous transmutation of suffering into triumph, of the crown of thorn into the crown of glory, and of a gibbet into a symbol of salvation? What does the apothesis of The Cross mean, if not the death of death, the defeat of sin, the beautification of martyrdom, the rising to the skies of voluntary sacrifice, the defiance of pain?… -Henri Amiel

Pain-The Beginning of Joy

Suffering was a curse from which man fled; now it becomes a purification of the soul, a sacred trial sent by Eternal Love, a Divine dispensation meant to sanctify and ennoble us, an acceptable aid to complete faith, a strange initiation into happiness. A Power of Belief in the Kingdom of My Father. The real beauty comes from surrendering. In His Name and as He Wills.

For as The Quran says, nothing of man matters to God as much as man’s sense of spirituality. Everything He gives to you, this is the only thing that you of your choice alone, can give to Him. It is the only thing My Father sees, judges and holds close to His heart. And what a place that would be for us to live in! Close to His heart. In His Heart! Show me a better address!!

All remains the same, and yet all is changed. A new certitude arises to deny the apparent and the tangible; it pierces through the mystery of things, it places an invisible loving and a caring Father behind the visible nature, it shows us joy shining through tears and makes of pain the beginning of Joy :-)


Dipti said...

Suffering was a curse from which man fled; now it becomes a purification of the soul... there is a line in Gurbani ..'Dukh daru sukh rog bhaya ' meaning the pain and suffering has become medicine ..while the happiness and pleasures have become a illness for the human soul...
very nice Krishna ji

Krishna. N. C. said...

Dear Dipti,
Thank you for those lovely lines from Gurbani, i really liked it.Such a beautiful new insight for we humans..
God bless you with His medicine of Eternal Love:-)