Monday, 18 February, 2008

The Art of Living :)

Do not plan to live life, lets just live it.
Do not solve a problem, lets dissolve it.
Do not enjoy life, lets find joy in it.
Do not expect a perfect life, lets fill it with perfect moments.
Do not create an emergency, lets emerge and see.

Do not judge "what" you do: lets just observe "how" we do it.
Do not think "what should be" : lets just accept "what is".

Do not think too much, lets blink and simply act.

Do not identify with our minds, lets simply put the "I" in the DEN.
Do not fold your arms, lets hold someone in them.
Do not point a finger to condemn, lets wipe a tear with the same finger.
Do not stop smiling, let it go miles capturing a million hearts :)

Do not stop the flow of life : Let it glow around you.

Do not get upset with circumstances, Lets just Reset our thoughts.


Dipti said...

Dear Sister krishna .. Oh ! What a wonderful way to live life .. :-) enjoyed it a lot .. blessings to you ...

Anonymous said...

What lovely thoughts, dearest Sister Krishna :) What joy you bring to those around you, a light in the darkness :)

Ya Haqq!

Krishna. N. C. said...

Dearest Dipti,
Thank you my sweetsoul!
I so dearly wish i could always put these thoughtsninto practise in the most trying times!!
I am still trying to live up to every single word:)
My love and prayers for you!

Respected Brother Irving,
I am so humbled by your words, i feel that if i even try and be a ray of light somewhere..this life of His would be such a celebration :))
My humble salaam to you my beloved!!