Monday, 4 February, 2008

My Dear friends,
Below I am sharing with you a piece of inspiring writing by one of my favourite writer- Hugh Prather whose books I so dearly adore and love. He says,

We are free to misuse the gifts God gave us, or atleast to imagine that we have that power. We can dream of a world where there is no real evidence of The Divine, where all things live off death of something else, and where everything even the stars and constellations eventually end. But the smile of God, which knows no time, hasn’t vanished simply because we fantasize it has. We are free to misuse our mind, but we can also use it kindly, peacefully, lovingly, generously which allows us to experience its Divine origin and partake of its true power.

God truly gave us our minds to make us happy. Lets make use of this priceless gift for the betterment of all His children and live His blessed life in peace and harmony:)


Anonymous said...

Ah, a beautiful and true quote :) May peace and harmony reign in your heart and in your family, dearest Sister Krishna :)

Ya Haqq!

Dipti said...

dear Krishna .. how we misuse the gifts that he has bestowed on us.. one of the quotes that i find true everytime.. God gives and forgives.. man gets and forgets ...

Krishna. N. C. said...

Beloved Brother Irving,
May The Almighty shower on you His Infinite mercies and blessings too :))
Your blessings truly make my world so beautiful.Thank you so much brother!
Love and prayers for you all:)

My beloved Dipti,
Thank you so much for that lovely thought:)
God bless you with all that is pure and blissful!
Love and Hugs:)