Sunday, 21 October, 2007

The most important lessons of life have been taught to me in my weakest and darkest moments. I have heard that you don’t choose SPIRITUALITY; it chooses you – to guide you, to teach you, to protect you, to bless you, to transform you, to pick you in its arms when you are crying and make you smile again by gifting you His mercy and compassion.

Let me quote this extremely beautiful piece of writing by Thomas A. Kempis–

“He that is not prepared to suffer all things and to stand to the will of His beloved, is not worthy to be called a lover of God. A lover ought to embrace willingly all that is hard and distasteful for the sake of his beloved and not to turn away from him for any contrary accidents”

So are we true lovers of God?


Sadiq Alam said...

thats such an important area to focus! thanks a lot K. sometime back someone asked me in email about the exact thing. may be i should share this in the blog as well.

i look forward from you to read more about lessons from the weakest and darkest moments, because most often spiritual seekers feel totally abandoned in those moments. may we learn our enlightenment collectively as a whole.

Krishna N. Choksi said...

dearest sadiq,
In all our lives,i am sure we have our dark moments where we feel completely lost and disillusioned.This is where God takes charge and His Spiritual lessons are taught to us in the hardest manner,not to break us but to polish us so that our inner selves emerge out shining!To all our spiritual seeking friends i just want them to know that when you are down to nothing God is definately upto something:-)
Let us all have faith and be ready to learn our spiritual lesson;-)

Dipti said...

Krihna Ji.. beautiful thought ..."you don’t choose SPIRITUALITY; it chooses you ".. for it is a blessing that is bestowed on us by the most merciful..