Thursday, 29 November, 2007

Those you know Love

Know its facility in all matters;

Others find it useful ocaasionally

While the broken- hearted bitterly laugh

And deny Love altogether.

Can you hear in their laughter

The sound of Heaven?

God is not to blame for the separation.

He has never turned His back on you.

Blame is the disease

Which blinds you to unity’s truth.

Wake up; the nightmare is over.

The light is in them

As well as in you.

The thinnest of veils

Divides the two.

You are One Self.

You are not weak, but strong.

You are not limited, but unlimited.

You are not unloved, but much beloved.

You have suffered only for this;

That you may bless those who suffer still.

-From the Tao of Healing.


irving said...

Really lovely and heart moving :)

Did you change your preferences for posting comments?

Krishna. N. C. said...

Respected Brother Irving,
My humble salaam! Thank you so much.:-)
No dear, i havent changed my preferences for posting comments.
Sorry for the inconvenience though.