Saturday, 3 November, 2007

Thoughts from my Spiritual Diary-5

An Infinite Moment:

Every spiritual master, saint and mystic has declared that the present moment is the home of Spirit ; nothing to be attained in the form of wisdom, love and truth has to be postponed. Yet we all postpone the day when we will be loving, wise and inspired by the real vision of the Truth. This implies that the present moment is a very difficult place to reach despite the obvious facts that are already there.
Every second is a door to eternity. The door is opened by our perception.
What makes each second infinite is its unlimited potential. Think of an inspired moment in your life, when you made the perfect move, said the perfect idea, reacted in an unusual manner, spoke the best words , or resisted being judgemental. What made you so different in those moments? The reason is-

You were receptive to something new

You weren’t relieving the past or anticipating the future

You felt optimistic and open: you were not defensive

You let it happen whatever it was

You let it flow without any resistance

Thus, you felt connected and One with the entire cosmos.
The whole of Reality is only contained in the present moment.
Think about it.


Frieda said...

I loved this sentence:
"Yet we all postpone the day when we will be loving"

yes, I certainly do that sometimes...postponing

thanks for that reminder!

Sadiq Alam said...

the present moment is the home of Spirit, so true, so true!

thanks for the timely advice for me at this moment.

irving said...

What truth you write, what a gift you are to each moment :) May God bless your mind and heart and pen. Ameen.

Ya Haqq!

Anonymous said...

One needs to learn to live in the present .

A much needed reminder .

Thank you ,