Tuesday, 15 January, 2008

Divine Love

“ As one experiences Divine Love, attachment to worldly love drops away, and one begins to forget ones lower self.

This does not imply loss of individuality; rather it involves the transcendence of the limitations of individuality, whilst regaining the true status of the Self….

Supreme Divine Love is a complete egoless love of God for the sake of love alone. It implies a realization that God in the core within all creatures and within oneself. Pure love is the unity within the diversity of all creation. This Supreme Love expresses itself in the form of unselfish service to God through His creatures in the spirit of worship…

Once realized, having transcended the ego, a spontaneous detachment occurs. There exists only the desire to Love God through service to the world as the manifestation of God…

The realized man sees the whole world as His Beloved. He feels the woes of the world as his own. Moved by sympathy for the suffering of creatures he completely forgets himself in active service which is the expression of Divine Love…
True Love has neither a beginning nor an end. Divine Love cannot be confined in anyway. It is limitless, beyond time and space. It is beyond race, caste and religion. It is inclusive and expansive rather than exclusive and narrow…

To open one’s heart in order to discover this Divine gift in its full totality, is the ultimate goal of each human life.”

-The Narad Bhakti Sutras.


safa said...

As exiled ones from the Beoved's Town, how would we not try with all our hearts to dismount the camel's cosy ride of worldly joys - like Majnun did - and turn back toward the town of Layli, on bare foot; or at least, yearn for perpetual inebriation with the Divine Wine of Her Remembrance in our bitter-sweet Love?!

Thanks dear Krishna for being so close to the Town of Layli! And thanks again for prompting me on with all your beautiful posts and heartening comments.
with much love blessing,

Dipti said...

Krishna ..This is just so wonderful ....how true ...May God bless us with this capacity to love where the I just vanishes

Anonymous said...

Dear and Beloved Sister:

Wonderful and very moving :) All spiritual masters say the same thing also. May the Divine pour only love into your heart :)

Ya Haqq!

Krishna. N. C. said...

Dearest Safa,
Mashallah!I am so deeply touched and humbled by your soulful words:)
The journey towards the Town of Layli seems so far and yet so near, but as long as i am accompanied by blessed souls like you this journey of LOVE seems blissful already!!
And yes,seeing you along with your soul-stirring posts more often offers so much of unceasing joy to my heart :))
( i am sure even my Beloved brother Irving would agree!)
I too have nothing but lots of Love and sincere prayers to offer to you my dear Safa:)

Krishna. N. C. said...

My dearest Dipti,
Ameen to your beautiful prayer:))
May He bless you with endless Love and Beauty of the heart and soul(a lot of which you already possess)..!!
Hugs and prayers for my sister:)

My Beloved Brother Irving,
Your presence itself brings so much of happiness to my life and i am indeed blessed to have a Big Brother like you:))
I truly agree with you when you say that all our exalted spiritual masters and gurus preach us to Love Him just the way He loves us: unconditionally.
Ameen to your lovely prayer brother:)
Love and hugs ;)

Frieda said...

just stopped by to say hello :-)