Saturday, 26 January, 2008

The ultimate Salvation

Glorious Lord,
Giver of nourishing food,
Bless us with a happy life, peace and prosperity.

May the Divine Architect
With His evermoving Cosmic Chariot,
Continue giving wealth, wisdom and purity of heart and soul.
In the realization of Spiritual Bliss,
The human soul is released from the bondage
Of the physical sphere and rises above Celestial Realm.

May we, with honest efforts
And no consciousness of guilt,
Ascend day by day, higher and higher summits
Of eternal glory and bliss.

Remember, when God's earnest seeker
Pursues the ultimate salvation
He ascends from one summit to a higher one.
The Lord firmly supprts him
At every step forward.
God's loving care and guidance
Enlightens his path
He is bestowed with His Divine blessings.

The Sacred Scriptures of Hinduism- The Rigvedas.


Anonymous said...

What beauty and joy is the sacred scripture :) It is echoed in all sacred books, and the truth of it cannot be denied :) My love to you and your family.

Peace and Many Blessings!

akash said...

"God's loving care and guidance" is
the gift sought by any devotee -
of any religion - Hinduism , Islam ,
Christianity or any other .
Indeed an enlightening post .

Thank you , Krishna .

Krishna. N. C. said...

My Beloved Brother,
The sacred scriptures are truly our Lighthouses taking us closer to our Beloved:)
May we all be endowed with its boundless wisdom:)
My love and prayers too for you and your entire family brother.

Dear Akash,
I so truly agree with you : His mercy and guidance along with His endless Love is what we humble devotees yearn for irrespective of our different religions.
They are all various streams leading us to that One ocean:)
Thank you for that lovely insight akash:)
God bless you.
Love and hugs:)

Dipti said...

Amen !