Wednesday, 2 January, 2008

Welcome 2008 :)

A year full of new hopes, new desires, new fulfilments.

A time to see dreams which were never dreamt, take on paths that were never tread, follow our passions we all yearned for..

A time to brush our sluggish souls into sparkling selves and shine up our lives with His Divine Omnipresence..

A time to wake up from our deep ignorant slumber and bid emptiness of our hearts a permanent good bye..

A time to spread immense compassion and unconditional Love for all beautiful creations of Our Beloved…

A time to venture deep into our selves to finally meet Him there and reside in His arms forever..

For I know that all our prayers will return answered, blessings will drench our souls, love will take us closer to Him, sorrows,fears and hurts would surely kiss us goodbye….The Glories of My Beloved Father are endless!!

May He bless all the Little Angels(tiny tots), the beautiful mothers, the so very loving fathers, the blessed grandparents, dearest friends, beloved husbands and wives, wonderful siblings and every single marvellous relationship of a human with the other with loads of Love, good health, happiness, immense peace of the heart and soul, the taste of sweet success, unceasing prosperity, financial security and endless smiles :))
Finally a very beautiful life!!

May He accept my sincere prayer and grant His infinite blessings on all those righteous, pure souls who are waiting for their deliverance.

May we all grow spiritually in abundance and live up to His expectations of us and keep within the flame of Divinity burning :)
Wishing you all a Blessed new year!!


Irving said...

Amen to your lovely prayer, dearest Sister :) May God bless you and your family with health, happiness, love and wisdom.

Ya Haqq!

Dipti said...

Dearest Krishna .. Ohh what a wonderful and absolutely beautiful prayer.. Ameen !

safa said...


"A time to venture deep into our selves to finally meet Him there and reside in His arms forever.."

Thanks for reminding, dear Krishna, what we keep forgeting here and now all years long. But there He is for sure to be realized, to be embraced, to be drunken with and stay so for as long as the exile term is over! Thanks God, the dawn has already broken: and it may be this very year.Amen!

Thaknks again for all your beautiful and heart-provoking posts.


Krishna. N. C. said...

Beloved brother Irving,
I am so blessed to have my new year's start with you and your priceless blessings:))i couldnt have asked something more!!
my heartfelt prayers are always with you and your family.

Dearest Dipti,my sweet sister,
May you always be smiling and blessed infinitely,you are such a beautiful,pure soul:))

Dearest Safa,
I am so delighted to hear from a wonderful and mystical soul like you!!
You are a true Lover of The Beloved and may God take you in His arms forever
( Inshallah,may i meet you there;)...!!

lets all finally begin our soul seeking...In His name and as He Wills.

Frieda said...

Have a joyous year full of contentment and happiness. BTW, I like you new blog look! :-)

Anonymous said...

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