Wednesday, 9 January, 2008

God Coloured Soul

"When through Love the soul goes beyond all working of the intellect and all images in the mind, and is rapt above itself, utterly leaving itself, it flows into God: then is peace and fullness.

It loses itself in the infinite solitude and darkness of the Godhead: but so to lose itself is rather to find itself..

The soul is, as it were, all God-coloured, because its essence is bathed in the essence of GOD..."

-Louis de Blois, a Benedictine Monk who lived in France( 16th century )


Sadiq said...


your blog is getting richer and richer. the new interface looks nice too!


Anonymous said...

This is true of the mystical heart of every religiona. May God bless all who love and struggle in His name, seeking only Him.

Ya Haqq!

PS Sadiq bhai is right about your blog, dearest sister :)

Krishna. N. C. said...

Dearest Sadiq,
Thank you so much for your encouragement! I am sure trying to be better day by day and your suggestions really matter. Its so nice hearing from you after quite sometime and i am glad you liked the new changes.
God bless you my dear buddy!

Beloved Brother Irving,
Isnt this is what our final destination (you are so right,inclusive of all our religions)is- flowing into God and becoming God coloured:)
Ameen to your beautiful prayer!
Thank you my dearest brother for your feedback, i am so glad you liked it too :))
The encouragement and blessings of you all is what keeps me alive!

A big bear hug for you both:)