Tuesday, 6 May, 2008

Thoughts from My Spiritual Diary -12

Everytime I meet someone new or come in contact with different beings, I seem to discover new facet of my own Self..
Discovering my own being has always been an emotional joyride..sometimes it has taken me by shock whenever I have behaved in a way which is in complete contrast to my usual behaviour, sometimes it has made me so pleasantly elated whenever I have handled a situation par excellence as compared to what it demanded…..a fine blend of Tolerance and understanding :) I am then transformed into this quintessential good girl swelled by her own deeds! Rare but true…at such times I have blushed all through the day ;)

And these occasional revelations about myself have made me what I am today..I am a sum total of all events, circumstances, experiences and the various people who have walked into my life and gracefully left..be it for a reason or for a season..and some of those who have stayed with me defying the gruelling years and difficult phases undoubtedly for a lifetime… these all are His ways of teaching me the vital lessons…after all I have and will always be a His favourite Kid!

It is to all those souls with whom I have shared this beautiful life with and who have contributed their own teachings and virtues and passed on those priceless blessings that has made me…ME : )
I never really understood why relationships came with their departure dates….. at times I was left wondering what made them go away..it is then I realised that they come searching for you ..to teach you, guide you, to bless you with precious moments and sweet memories giving you whatever they were supposed to and then take your leave and gracefully exit from your lives….making room for new entities…Sounds sad but its true. I am reading this chapter from my own life. I have always been a very emotional girl where relationships are concerned…have played all my roles with immense love and affection to an extent that they cause me deep hurt when I find them changed or in discord or at times broken…it took so much understanding and depth to come to terms with separation….i failed to realise that it was Him trying to tell me to let go and kiss them good bye on a good note and never on a bitter one…

It was difficult initially during my teenage years but gradually I came to terms with it…He sends certain people in your lives to play a particular part and when that’s over He shuffles their places…Never did I wanted such separations but it was as if I was trying to rewrite my life actually written in indelible ink by God Himself…He is the Master Writer of all our lives and to question His script is to break our own destinies.
It is with this maturity and understanding that I have grown up with and will always try and be a better, attentive and obedient student in this Eternal school of Life : )
May He grant us the innate strength to accept whatever He has ordained for us with a happy heart and without a second doubt.. May we include Him in all our relationships as our sole witness…

And to be happy and blessed with loving relationships…it actually takes....Three to TangoU. Me And God : ))


surjit said...

...'May He grant us the innate strength to accept whatever He has ordained for us with a happy heart and without a second doubt..
Krishna Ji, You are a blessed soul.You are a boon to your family and to the humanity.
God bless.

akash said...

Krishna ,

I appreciate a lot of what you are saying .
I just want to add that even bitterness is a part of life .

There are bitter experiences and bitter partings too !

Let us face it . We make mistakes .
We also hurt others .We take others for granted .Somewhere we get it back too !

Why not accept your bitterness and others' bitterness too .

Truth prevails , hopefully .

At the begining of our traditional year we eat a chutney in which neem flowers are a necessary ingredient .

Symbolically accepting bitterness as a part of life .

Good wishes ,


Dipti said...

Dear Sister Krishna ... somehow these beautiful thoughts touched me so deeply ... I just could not stop the the tears....God bless you dear one ... i have no words to say how thankful i am to you for these profound thoughts...

safa said...

Dear Krishna,

As always the beauty and lucidity shining on from your tender heart through such sincere words is so smoothly resonating a sweet memory of a "Twin Flame" we so desperately miss since our paradise lost and so wholeheartedly cherish to rejoin!

Beloved bless us all!

Anonymous said...

Such a beautiful perspective. What a pleasure to see the direct expression of a soul without any admixture of the mind or the vital.

Krishna. N. C. said...

Respected Surjitji,
Pranaam :) Thank you so much for your kind words..i am so unworthy of them :)
It is the purity of your blessed soul which sees such beauty.
My sincerest Prayesr and Love for you.
God bless you always :)

Dearest Akash,
Thank you for the wonderful sharing..i loved to read the start of your traditional year..Wow :)
What a great start to the new year! Acceptance of bitterness as part of life can open up our hearts to all that is offered to it :) It is in this acceptance that eases up our life to a great deal..
My hearfelt goodwishes, love and prayers for you and your love dones :)

Krishna. N. C. said...

Beloved Sister Dipti,
I am so happy to know that my thoughts somewhere touched your beautiful heart :)
May God bless you with whatever your blessed soul desires :))
My sincerest Love, hugs and Prayers for you Sis!

Beloved Safa,
How happy i am to hear from you! i hope you are fine dear one :)
Your kind words have always made my heart bloom :)) May the Twin Flame we so desperately yearn to rejoin shine Brighter and show us The Way to our Lost Paradise...!
My heartfelt Love, goodwishes and prayers for you and your Loved ones :)

Krishna. N. C. said...

Dear Anonymous,
I welcome you with open arms to my blog :) Thank you so much for your kind words.
These writings are my humble attempt to put into words the innermost feelings of this tiny little heart :)
May God Bless you with unceasing Happiness :)