Thursday, 26 June, 2008

Opening Doors Within

It is in the stillness that all will be clarified. It is in stillness that you become at peace and can find Me.
I AM always here, but you are blind to this wonderful fact until you can become still and seek Me in the silence, and you can do it at all times. The more often you put it unto practise, the more natural it becomes until you can do it as naturally as breathing. You do not have to rush off to be by yourself to find Me.
You will be able to find Me at all times and in everything you are doing. It does not matter what chaos and confusion are all around you or what outer noise there may be. You can go into that inner peace and silence and find Me.
When you have found Me, the Light of Truth will shine on every situation, for where I AM,
there is no darkness :
there are no problems...
There is only Peace.

-Eileen Caddy
( An excerpt from her book Opening Doors Within )


surjit said...

Hello Krishna Ji
A great inspirational post full of wisdom.
ALL answers to our life's questions lie within us. All we need to do is look, listen, and trust. But at the same time the longest journey is the journey inside.This awareness comes only with His Blessings.It is 'GURU PRASAD'
Thanks for sharing this thought provoking post.
God be with you always.

Krishna. N. C. said...

My Dearest and Respected Surjit ji,
Namaste :)) I loved your are right, the greatest and the longest journey is the journey Inside! Its so ironical that we have reached the moon but have grave difficulties to explore Within:))
Ameen to your beautiful prayer! May The Guru Prasad be showered on all of us and may He illuminate our Journey to Him...Within!
My Heartfelt love and prayers for you and your loved ones always:)

MysticSaint said...


you are reading a great book dear one. :)

Krishna. N. C. said...

My Dearest Sadiq,
I am so happy to hear from you :)) Hope you are doing fine!
Thanks buddy, i too love the book..its amazing!
Love, hugs and prayers for you :)

Maithri said...

Wow, what wonderful words... I might need to read this book too ;)

Love the picture also,

Love and light, Maithri

Krishna. N. C. said...

My Dearest Brother Maithri,
Thank you so much for your kind words.I really wish you lay your hands on this marvellous book :)
Its food for our souls!
My Love, hugs and prayers for you!

Malathy said...

Very true. The God in you expresses himself through you his divine qualities only when you are still inside.

Dipti said...

Wonderful Wonderful dear sister