Sunday, 30 November, 2008

Thought of the Week :)

A man once asked the Mystic Bayazid Al- Bistami:

“Who is the true Prince? The man who cannot choose, said Bayazid :

But the man for whom God’s choice is the only possible choice.”

The Lord is extending the Gift of Immortality to each of us, but we do not reach out to take it because we are holding a few pennies in our hands. I don’t knowif you have seen infants in this dilemma; it happens at a particular stage of development, when they have learned to grasp but not quite mastered the art of letting go. They have a rattle I one hand; you offer them a toothbrush , and for a while they just look back and forth at the toothbrush, then the rattle, then again at the brush. You can almost see the gray matter working: “ I want that toothbrush, but how can I take it? My hand is already full.”

Similarly, all of us look at the Lord’s Gift for a while, asking “ What is this? How do I know its real? Give it to me first ; then I’ll let the pennies go.”

The Lord smiles and waits. He can offer the Gift, but for us to take it, we have to open our hands. And there comes a time when we want something more than those pennies so passionately that we longer care what it costs.

Then we open our hands finally, let go of our possessions and discover that for those pennies we have dropped, we have received an Incomparable Treasure :)


Irving said...

Salaam Dearest Daughter/Sister Krishna :)

What a sublime and true thought of the week, month, year, day, hour minute :) This is the struggle we go through every moment with ourselves, to let go of the pennies of our ego, for the Hidden Treasure beyong compare.

My love prayers to you and your famuly :)

Ya Haqq!

Abinas C. N. Jagernauth said...

Namaste Dear Krishna:

This post reminds me about what some have called the money trap. We cling so hard to our jobs, and to our careers so that we can go on making more and more money to buy more and more stuff for ourselves. The really sad thing is that we lose so much in the process - peace of mind, close relationships with our spouses and our children, we lose touch with family members and friends, our health, and much, much more.

And then, later in life, we try to undo the harm and pain we caused while we focused on money to the exclusion of almost all else. Undoing the hurt, pain and damage is not easy, nor always possible.

With love and every good wish to you and your family.


surjit said...

Hello Krishna Ji,
Yes, I fully agree with your views.We should not grumble when God takes away anything from us. He only empties our hands to give something better.The only need is to have full aith in HIM.
Thanks for sharing your inspirations.
God bless you and your family.

Cyrus Rumi said...

Hi Krishna!:)

How true!!

We live in a world of false illusions.

Love your message and the photograph.

Peace and love to my sister.


Krishna. N. C. said...

Beloved Papa Darvish,
Salaam and Namaste :)
Indeed, it isnt easy to let go of that dominant ego to discover that Hidden Treasure..But thats the Path He laid for all of us to walk through in order to behold Him one day!!
May we be successful in completing our destines Journey which is in Reality...Homebound :)
Loads of love and deep respects for you.
God Bless you my dearest one :)

Krishna. N. C. said...

Respected Abinas JI,
Namaste :)) Its so nice to hear from you!
Indeed, its we who ultimately get so lost in our monotonous, materialistic life that we overlook all those priceless joys and blessings of relationships.
Life goes by so fast every moment that its too late when we realised what we have lost in gaining a livelihood.
May we all be blessed with insight to recognise all those things that need to be ignored and let gone of...and finally be blissful with His Treasures :))
Sending you my heartfelt love and prayers dear one :)

Krishna. N. C. said...

Dearest and respected Surjit ji,
Pranaam :))
So beautifully said, He takes away certain things only to bless us with something better!!
Letting go has never been easy for us humans..We cling on to everything unimportant and then in turn realise what Real Treasures and Blessings are :)
Lets all open our hearts and hands to be blessed beyond what our souls desire :))
Lots of love and prayers for you always :)

Krishna. N. C. said...

Dearest Brother Cyrus,
Salaam :)
My heart blooms everytime i hear from you :)
Hope you are fine and life is beautiful at your end.
Thank you for your kind words brother..May we all be free of our worldly Illusions and discover His Light within ourselves :)
Sending you a big hug, lots of love and sincere prayers :)