Friday, 26 October, 2007

Thoughts from my Spiritual Diary-3

One of the prime lessons that I have learnt over these past 7 years is that – GIVING IS RECEIVING.

In every sense of the word, I needed to give all that I already have in my being in order to claim them from others. Virtues of unconditional Love, Mercy, Kindness, Empathy,
Compasssion, Peace and Gratitude. The mystics have always said that these are parts of your very nature, they belong to your original self.

All that I was before comprised of a very limited and a defined set of my so-called qualities. I only gave abundant love when I received love, offered kindness when I was shown kindness, compassion overruled me only when it was gifted (not that I didn’t have a heart and wasn’t a softie) but it was only very conditional. I often expected Love to come my way from all sides with goodies that could make me a contented soul, with promises to make me smile eternally, with an assurance that I always have whatever I desire. But, does love come with conditions?

No sweetheart, love is Unconditional and is extremely giving. It is above your desires, your liking and your happiness and it is about putting others first- their joy, their smile and their desires. It permeates radiance wherever it flows and for all His Creations. It spells magic in the eyes of its beholder. It’s a rose whose fragrance shall never die. I know the first step towards Him would be to emulate His highest virtue- Unconditional Love, which He has for all of us. So for my parents, my brother, my grandparents, my best friend (all of them which make up my little world) and for all those wandering souls like me and also the entire human race, I have started loving you all unconditionally. I haven’t fully achieved my goal but I have tried to be a little more loving, a little more compassionate and a little more tolerant than before, and all of these without expecting any return gifts! This shift of my own nature did win a few hearts and blessed me with bliss I cannot describe in words, because it was in giving that I received :-)

The journey is still on and I am searching for more friends to make this life a true celebration. Would you join me?!!


shree said...

Lovely post .yes Love is mother loves a child ...exceptionally beautiful realization .thank you.

Krishna. N. Choksi said...

Dear shree,
I feel that if all start loving each other unconditionally this beautiful world of ours would be heavenly.Its only true love that we all seek,but lets be the givers for a change!Thank you so much for your feedback.God bless you.

irving said...

May God bless you on your journey :) A beautiful and true post. You have found the secret that was in plain sight. Humans are traders most of the time, giving in like amount to what they receive. To love unconditionally has always been the realm of mothers, and the Saints of God.

Ya Haqq!

Krishna. N. Choksi said...

Dear Irving,
Thank you so much for your hearfelt blessings and goodwishes.So many secrets are yet to be unfolded but in HIS own time and i am just a humble seeker of His infinite mercy.Hope to have your blessings on me always:-)

Dipti said...

Krishna Ji.. beautiful and touching ... felt like as if you were echoing my sentiments have so eloquently captured the emotions ....have no words to praise these thoughts..kudos...