Tuesday, 30 October, 2007

Thoughts from my Spiritual Diary-4

God in His Infinite mercy gives to us His joy, His inspiration, a blessed life, True Wisdom, immense happiness and a True understanding of His mysterious ways through all the various experiences and events which He sends our way. But the glory of God is only revealed in the quietness of the soul, in the intensity of the inner effort of our minds to commune with Him. It is there that we find the Truth- we find Him.
Outside delusions are always very strong.The world goes on with its endless complexities and false cravings.The more we concentrate outside, the less we come to realize the inner glory of the everlasting bliss of Spirit. Our environment keeps us so engrossed in worldly thoughts of power, lust for money, jet speeding careers, convenient selfish relationships, and boosting our ego-centric self images that we live in complete delusion.
Yet underlying all life is the silent voice of God. Ever calling to us through various religions, through the teachings of our Prophets and revered Saints ( pbut ), through Sacred scriptures written in indelible ink, through our conscience, and through all things that are marvellous and that makes life worth living.
The best way to be unendingly happy is to be conscious of our Father who knows what we need rather than what we desire.

It is impossible to deceive Him because He is sitting right behind our thoughts and knows what we seek.We are here today,tomorrow we are gone just as mere shadows in a cosmic dream.But behind the unreality of these fleeting pictures is the immortal reality of the Supreme.

Lets not concentrate upon ephemeral worldly goals and lustful material attachments. Such fanaticism takes us away from our Lord and our eternal Self in Him. As human beings lets cast away ignorance, every worthless thought of greed and desire, our man-made limitations and penetrate in the hearts of all creatures with the piercing arrow of Love.
Lets burn in the passion to seek- His kingdom. Lets unite in the oneness with God and celebrate His teachings. Lets bring forth the ONE essence of all our religions and bask in His Glorius Light as His loving children.
May we all someday celebrate His Realization in us-

in eternity,

in immortality

and in unceasing bliss!!!


Kunal said...

A beautiful and relevant post for today's times.

Dipti said...

Krishna Ji... I literally had tears of joy in my eyes reading this blog .. i feel fortunate that i got a chance to read such soothing expressions