Saturday, 24 November, 2007

The Buddha's Fragrance

Lord Buddha tells us that it is possible for ordinary people like us to learn to love not just a few people close to us- our parents, our partner, our children, our friends, our family, or even our entire neighbourhood- but to become love itself; loving men, women, children, aged, animals, dogs ,cats everyone.
When you go near such people, says The Buddha, you will find that there is a fragrance surrounding them, which enters your heart almost without your awareness. When you spend time with such a person, you will be plunged into a fragrance that will follow you home and haunt you.
It takes a long, long time, but all of us can develop this all-embracing, all-consuming love. One great mystic describes it as a love that will not let you go. Even if you do not want to love, you cant help it.You couldn’t hate anyone if you wanted to. You could try to say, “ Love, leave me alone.. ” but it would simply reply, “ No- you’re Mine…!”

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irving said...

How completely and utterly true. Love is a divine gift :)

Ya Haqq!