Monday, 19 November, 2007

Thoughts from my Spiritual Diary - 6

The Blue Ocean

Being an ardent water lover, I would love to play around the beaches with my younger brother. The vast blue sky, the brown carpet of sand and the limitless expanse of the water always brought a twinkle of awe in my eyes.

They overwhelmed my Inner child and I felt so much in complete bliss. Finding words to describe my true feelings and joy was always a difficult task. Emotions, I felt could never be put into words. The heart knows no language of our deepest feelings and those which don’t find words to be expressed always are soulfelt, beyond our interpretations and confines of human consciousness.
My fond memories of childhood are associated with water. Just gazing at the waves smothering the sands, their relentless motion, their rising and falling illustrating the non-permanent nature of Life, the sunsets kissing the horizon: all left a lasting impression on my little heart.

I often got lost in the enigmatic beauty of this element of Mother Nature. While all the others were busy playing I was busy glaring and deciphering what the blue ocean in front of me was saying.
My eyes always radiated the immense peace and the ecstasy gifted by these talking waters..It lifted the veils of my hidden true self and I must admit that it brought out the real me..full of love.
I always wondered with delight about this one constant thought of my childhood and yes, that thought still holds a lot of significance. If I was asked that what would be God’s Heart like? I would promptly say- I know for I have seen it: it is like this Blue Ocean ;
Magnanimous, fathomless and brimming with Love..
I now think of my life as just a tiny stream of water in search of unity with the vast ocean.

“ From Him I come and to Him I finally return”

I don’t know where the flow of life would take me but I know the place where I would finally lay asleep peacefully: In His Heart.

The Blue Ocean.


Kunal said...

Yeah I remember wanting to slam you in the water, but you were always so heavy for me. :P

On a serious note, that is a beautiful post, sis. I'm impressed.

Krishna. N. C. said...

My dear brother,
Thank you for your feedback,i am taken by surprise:-)
As far as you wanting to slam me in the water,you still cant;-)
maybe for the next 25 years!!keep trying bro, goodluck!
God bless you my little kuni!

Sadiq Alam said...

it is a beautiful post no doubt.

lets meet sometime to have a little race beholding the vast, fathomless ocean as our witness. it will be fun!

irving said...

What a lovely post :) From the ocean we came, and like a drop, we will return to the Ocean when we leave.
That is the primal call of the sea, our first home in this life calling us back to its immensity, just as God calls us back to our real home at last.

Ya Haqq!

Dipti said...

Krishna Ji.. Such a wonderful post. Indeed its so difficult capture the bird of emotions in the cage of words....loved it

Krishna. N. C. said...

Respected Irvingbhai,
One day we surely will go back to our real homes-to God.Thank you dear brother for your deep insight.

Dear Sadiq,
Would surely love to meet up for the neverending race!!Yes,it will be great fun.;-)

Dear Dipti,
So true..Thank you so much for your beautiful words,they surely belong to a beautiful heart:-)
May God bless you all.
Love, hugs and prayers my spiritual companions:-)