Thursday, 15 November, 2007

The following things have been declared and ascertained by all the Sacred Scriptures of the world to be the greatest good to mankind;

First – To delight in the Self which to is to love God and be one with Him

Second- To be without attachments to anything else in the universe.

Religion is not for the purpose of securing a place in Heaven. It is an inquiry into Truth, and its ideal is the knowledge and the realization of the Truth. This True Love and non-attachment can be developed gradually by these means:

-By inquiry into the Truth with complete faith and reverence.

-By devotion to spiritual practices.

-By rendering of services to the great souls who have realized The Truth.

-By taking delight in the company of the exalted ones

-By avoiding association of the worldly-minded.

-By learning to love solitude.

-By injuring no creature by truthfulness.

-By studying the Scriptures (Knowledge of The Self)

-By control of the senses through Pranayama.(Deep breathing )

-By overcoming passions through right knowledge and discrimination.

-By respecting all other religions and not speaking against them

-By singing the praises and the Glory of Divinity.

-By patiently bearing the opposites in life, such as pain and pleasure , success and failure.

Thus will arise Love for The divine and non-attachment to the world.

- The Srimad Bhagavatam
( The sacred scripture of Hinduism full of Vedic wisdom, considered to be The Hindu Bible)


irving said...

All religions teach these basic truths :) Many rivers running to the One ocean.

Ya Haqq!

Krishna. N. C. said...

Dear Irving,
Yes,absolutely.But i still fail to understand then why does the humanrace fail to respect and honour the words laid by our Prophets which always taught us love and respect towards all the other faiths.
Thank you for your kind words brother.
God bless you.