Saturday, 22 March, 2008


Vanished the veils of light and shade, Lifted every vapour of sorrow, Sailed away all dawns of fleeting joy, Gone the dim sensory mirage.

Love, hate, health, disease, life, death :
Perished these false shadows on the screen of duality.
The storm of maya stilled
By magic wand of intuition deep.

Present, past ,future, no more for me,
But ever-present, all-flowing,..I..I, everywhere.
Planets, stars, stardust, earth,
Volcanic bursts of doomsday cataclysms,
Creation’s moulding furnace,
Glaciers of silent X rays, burning electron floods,
Thoughts of all men, past, present, to come,
Every blade of grass, myself, mankind,
Each particle of universal dust,
Anger, greed, good, bad, salvation, lust,
I swallowed, transmuted all
Into a vast ocean of blood of my own one Being.
Smouldering joy, oft-puffed by meditation
Blinding my tearful eyes,
Burst into immortal flames of bliss,
Consumed my tears, my frame, my all.

Thou art I, I am thou.
Knowing, Knower, known, as One.
Tranquilled, unbroken thrill, eternally, living, ever-new peace.
Enjoyable beyond imagination of expectancy, Samadhi Bliss!

Not an unconscious state
Or mental chloroform without willful return,
Samadhi but extends my conscious realm
Beyond limits of the mortal frame
To farthest boundary of eternity,
Where I, the Cosmic Sea,
Watch the little ego floating in Me.

From joy I come, for joy I live, in sacred joy I melt.
Oceans of mind, I drink all creation’s waves.
Four veils of solid, liquid, vapour, light,
Lift aright.
I, in everything, enter the Great Myself.
Gone forever, fitful, flickering shadows of mortal memory;
Spotless is my mental sky, below, ahead, ahead, and high above:
Eternity and I, one united ray.

A tiny bubble of laughter, I
Am become the Sea of Mirth Itself....

- The poem “ Samadhi ” which Sri Yogananda wrote to convey a
Glimpse of The Divine Glory.


surjit said...

Hi Krishna,
Very thought provoking and truthful words:
..'Thou art I, I am thou.
Knowing, Knower, known, as One....'
You have a wonderful insprational blog.
God bless.

Swahilya Shambhavi said...

Sama + Adhi: When intellect ceases and dissolves into the ocean of consciousness. The little being becomes the cosmic being.

Anonymous said...

Ah, how beautiful and penetrating :)

"Where I, the Cosmic Sea,
Watch the little ego floating in Me."

That is our tale, our humanity, if only we knew it :)

My love and blessings to you, dearest Krishna daughter, and to your beautiful family :) May God bless you and watch over you. Ameen.

Ya Haqq!

Krishna. N. C. said...

Respected Surjit Ji,
I welcome you with open arms to my blog..Thank you so much for your kind comment! Looking forward to ear more often from you :)
My Love and prayers for you :)

Krishna. N. C. said...

Dear Swahilya,
Thanks so much for the wonderful insight :))
The ceasing of this intellect seems to be such a challenge for a true seeker...
But its in ceasing to exist that we awaken our consciousness :)
God bless you dear.My love and prayers :)

Krishna. N. C. said...

My Beloved Daddy Darvish,
Thank you so much for for Love and blessings, i am indeed blessed :))
The huge Ego in mankind is the only barrier stopping us to seek within the deepest veils of the Self..I agree with you dear...if only we could crush it!
My humble salaam and prayers for you and your blessed family :)
God bless you my Beloved!

Dipti said...

Sweet Sister Krishna .. so beautiful ...loved it....i also love the new look and feel of your blog ...deep and serene as a sea...

Krishna. N. C. said...

My Dearest Dipti,
Thank you so much, i am glad yo liked the new look!
We all deep within seek and yearn only for peace and serenity and thats when i thought of giving this new calm look ;)) May we all be blessed with bliss!
So nice to hear from you sis :)
Take good care and May God bless you :)
My love and prayers for you!