Saturday, 15 March, 2008

The Search of My Beloved

Brothers, my peace is in my aloneness.
My Beloved is there, with me, always.
I have found nothing in all the worlds
That could match His love,
This love that harrows the sands of my desert.

If I come to die of desire
And my Beloved is still not satisfied,
I would live in eternal despair.

To abandon all that He has fashioned
And hold in the palm of my hand
Certain proof that He loves me...
That is the name and the goal of my search....

-Rabia al Adawiyya (Islam's Greatest Woman Saint)

My humble Salaam to Her Blessed Soul.


akash said...

Peace and love to you ,always ,dear krishna .


Maithri said...

Sublime, Glorious words,

Thank you dear sister,


Krishna. N. C. said...

My Dear Akash,
Its so blissful to hear from you:)
Thank you so much for your Love and blessings!
My love and hugs for you.
May God bless you always :)

My Dear Brother Maithri,
Thank you for your kind words:)
My Love and prayers for your wellbeing...May God bless you:)

Dipti said...

Sweet Sister Krishna..wonderul words and a beautiful picture...thanks for sharing