Sunday, 25 May, 2008

Happiness is easy. Its letting go of unhappiness thats hard.

A hundred times a day our love of happiness is cut short by our even greater fear of it. A happy thought is inevitably followed by a "realistic" one.. We are willing to give up everything but our misery.
If we find ourselves laughing with abandon, singing in the shower, or whistling loud enough to be overheard, for some nagging reason we feel we must resume a "serious" state of mind. And yet its happiness that is truly practical and serious.
It positively affects our mental and physical health, our relationships with friends and family, our job performance, not to mention our relationship with God.
Happiness connects us with Reality ; Unhappiness disconnects us.

Hugh Prather- One of my favourite writers.


MYSTI said...

Great point, and wonderful post. I left a comment a couple of days ago, but it must have not taken. :) Thank you for commenting and visiting my blog. May you have a blessed weekend. :)

surjit said...

Hello Krishna,
Truthful words:
..'Happiness connects us with Reality ; Unhappiness disconnects us...'
Because God is always happy and we all are His creation.So the creation should not be separate from The Creator....which we often forget...
Thanks for sharing another good post.
God bless.

Anonymous said...

Salaam dear - lovely post and every word of it so true :) May we all strive to be happy and find joy in the small things!

Anonymous said...

All feelings , happiness , sadness etc. have the potential to connect to reality.

But seeking happiness always may not.


solitaire said...

When we cultivate that spaciousness in our mind and heart, we will be able to include all things - happy and unhappy. Perhaps, there was nothing to let go of at all...

my warmest regards to you and your family,

Krishna. N. C. said...

My Dear Mysti,
I welcome you with open arms to my blog :)) Thank you so much for your kind words!
My Love and Prayers for you :)

My Respected and Dearest Surjitji,
Pranaam :) Thank you so much for your deep wisdom. I agree with you fully, Creation is indeed not separate from the Creator!
God Bless you always :)
My Love and a big hug for you!

My Dearest Sister Michele,
I welcome you with open arms to my blog :)) I am so happy to read your kindwords:)
Ameen to your lovely prayer!
My Humblest Salaam and loads of love for you dear one!!
God bless you always.

My Dearest Akash,
Another lovely insight from your side! Thank you so much for your intense thoughts, i really appreciate them :)
May God bless you always :)
Love , prayers and hugs for you!

My Dearest Solitaire,
I am so delighted to hear from you dear one! Hope you are doing fine :)
A very beautiful thought..May we all find that spaciousness waiting to be unleashed!
My Heartfelt love and regards for you and your loved ones too:)
God bless you, my shining star!

Malathy said...

I loved every word you wrote. As I told you, you are sincere and you truly believe in what you write.

I wish God has directed me to you earlier.

I blogged about your post.
Can you let go ...