Sunday, 1 June, 2008

As I lay down in bed with a tired self and a disillusioned heart in an attempt to seek solace from God and an answer to my innumerable questions I happened to open this page from the book, LOOKING FROM WITHIN by Sri Aurobindo and The Mother..and there I found the above writings!

Talk about His Divine Intervention : ))

He is truly My Sweetheart!

May you all find inner peace and an end to all your worries, just the way I found mine!

Love you all :)

“ Every morning my aspiration rises ardently to Thee, and in the silence of my satisfied heart I ask that Thy law of Love may be expressed, and that Thy will may be manifest. And in anticipation I adhere with joy and serenity to those circumstances which will express this law and this will.

Oh, why be restless and want for oneself that things should turn out in one way and not another! Why decide that a particular set of circumstances will be the expression of the best possibilities and then launch into a bitter struggle so that these possibilities may be realised! Why not use all one’s energy solely to will in the calm of inner confidence that Thy law may Triumph everywhere and always over all difficulties, all darkness, all egoism! How the horizon widens as soon as one learns to take this attitude; how all anxiety vanishes giving place to a constant illumination, to the Omnipotence of disinterestedness!

To will what Thou Willest, O Lord, is to live constantly in communion with Thee…to be delivered from all contingencies, to escape all narrowness, to fill one’s lungs with pure and wholesome air, to get rid of all useless weariness, be relieved of all cumbrous loads, so as to run briskly towards the only goal worth attaining : the Triumph of Thy Divine Law!

As soon as one becomes conscious and convinced of this, one can no longer worry about future circumstances or the turn of events : it is with perfect serenity that one does at every moment what one thinks best, convinced that the best too is sure to come from it, even if it is not the result which we, with our limited reasoning, expected from it.

O Lord, with what Joy and Trust I greet Thee this morning!!....”

-The Mother


MYSTI said...

It is amazing how the Lord will speak to the soul, and give one answers when one needs them the most. It has always set me to awe when this happens.

I am sorry you that you were down, but happy that the Lord sent you something to give you an emotional pick me up.


Anonymous said...

My love once told me that when he was growing up his father used to tell him whenever he had a problem or was feeling down that he should hold a book of poetry by Hafez, close his eyes and open the book randomly for insight - and that it always worked. I think this technique can work on any book that has truth, love and meaning in it. We'll always find guidance if we are truly seeking it and open to receiving it.

Sending you a big hug and lots of love and may the upcoming week find you filled with His blissful joy.

surjit said...

Krishana ji
An great inspirational post.It is we human beings who forget His blessings and support.
"When you get out of the habit of listening, the voice of Divine Spirit becomes weaker and weaker.
Not because It is speaking in a quieter voice, but because you have turned down the volume control on the inner instrument of Soul....(Harold Klemp
Thanks for sharing.
God bless.

Krishna. N. C. said...

My Dearest Mysti,
I agree with you, The Lord speaks to us in the most queer manner and sets our restless heart at rest :)
Thank you so much for your love and concern dear one :) All i can say is that our Lord is a complete Sweeyheart :))
My Love, hugs and prayers for you!

My Beloved Pari Jan,
Wow! Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful technique with all of us! i know it works like a miracle if we are sincerely seeking guidance and His Will :)
Lots of Love and Prayers for you too sweetheart!

Respected and dearest Surjit Ji,
Pranaam:)) Thank you so much for that wonderful and touching quote, i really loved it:)
My Love and prayers and a warm hug for you my dear one!
God Bless you always and may you continue to shine up our paths with your Love and WISDOM :))

Anonymous said...

Salaam My Dearest beloved Krishna:

Ah, what beauty and truth :) Thank you so much for the inspiration.

Ya Haqq!

ned said...

Brilliant passage from the Mother! As you know I feel very close to her. You can actually download a very nice little booklet called "Prayers and Meditations" from the Sri Aurobindo Ashram website, which chronicles her early spiritual practice and how she would pray to the Divine. I've found it indispensable.