Monday, 16 June, 2008

“Let the ugliness of unkindness in others impel me to make myself beautiful with loving-kindness.

May the harsh speech from my companions remind me to use sweetwords alway , if stones from evil minds are cast at me, let me send in return only the missiles of goodwill.

As a jasmine vine sheds its flowers over the hands, delivering the axe blows at its roots, so, on all who act inimically towards me may I shower the blossoms of Forgiveness.

O lord of Compassion, teach me to shed tears of love for all beings.

May I behold them as my very own-different expressions of my Self.

I easily excuse my own faults ; let me therefore forgive the failings of others.

Bless me, O Father, that I not inflict on my companions unwelcome criticism. If they ask my advice in trying to correct themselves, may I offer suggestions inspired by Thee.

I will behold the person who now considers himself as my enemy to be in truth my Divine brother hiding behind a veil of misunderstanding. Let me tear aside this veil with a dagger of love so that, seeing my humble, forgiving understanding, he will no longer spurn the offering of my goodwill .”

-Sri Sri Paramahansa Yogananda (PBUH)


Malathy said...

What a post. I too read Paramahansa Yogananda. Your blog posts reveal a deep sincereity and an ardent love for his teachings.

Keep writing Krishna.
God is with you an in you.
Regards and wishes.
Laws of Universe

kittu said...

Hi Krishna, I have heard about Paramhansa Yogananda ji, , nice phrases submitted on this blog,
It feels very good when I see people like you walking on the path of spirituality .

hey, I want to share a link of online spiritual magazine, I hope you'll like it tremendously interesting.

My all best wishes to you dear.

safa said...

Dear Beloved Krishna, thanks as ever for this really beautiful prayer,... so heart-ravishing it is!
My all the angels of love and light bless Paramhansa Yogananda's soul and may they keep the love fire in your heart for the One Beloved as ever aflame and warming...!
love and blessings

Krishna. N. C. said...

Respected and Dear Malathy Ji,
I warmly welcome you with open arms to my blog :))
Thank you so much for your kindwords and goodwishes dear one! I am truly humbled :)
I am glad you also love Yogananda ji's writings,they are simply Awe-inspiring :))
I loved your blog too Malathy ji:)I will be a regular visitor ;)I am glad we met!
My sincerest Love, best wishes and prayers for you and your loved ones.

Krishna. N. C. said...

My Dear Kittu,
Thank you so much for your kindwords :) I warmly welcome you to my blog!
I went through the link that you provided, thank you so much dear one :)) Its very interesting indeed! I loved it!
As regards walking on the Path of Spirituality, i am just a tiny speck on His Cosmic Spectrum and taking baby steps :))
As long as there are sweet souls like you and Malathy ji, this Journey becomes such a Joy of the heart :)
My heartfelt love and prayers for you and your loved ones :)

P.S. Pls feel free to share your views and thoughts, i will be very happy to revert back to you :)

Krishna. N. C. said...

My Beloved Safa,
Your presence and kindwords always makes my little heart bloom :))
I am so happy to hear from you! Hope you and your loved ones are doing well :)
Thank you so much my dearest for those precious blessings, i am indeed elated and i dont ever need anything besides them :))
May Allah illuminate your Path to Him and may your journey be filled with Fragrant roses from His Garden!
My Sincerest Love and humble respects for you :)

Dipti said...

Sweet Sister Krishna .. beautiful post...thanks so much for sharing..

surjit said...

A beautiful prayer.Thanks Krishna Ji for sharing.
God bless.

Krishna. N. C. said...

My Dearest Dipti,
I am soooo happy to hear from you Sis :))
Hope you are doing fine and all is well with you.
I hope to hear from you more often:)
Sending you my sincere Love and Prayers for a truly adorable soul ;)
God Bless you always!

Krishna. N. C. said...

Respected and Dearest Surjit Ji,
Pranaam :)) Thank you for your kindwords and your precious blessings!
Lots of love and prayers for you and your loved ones :)

Srini said...

Thanks for sharing this. You have a wonderful blog here.

Blessed Be..