Monday, 9 June, 2008

Thoughts from My Spiritual Diary-13

I have been waiting and yearning with bated breath to have a glimpse of the clear blue sky wearing a new grey coat and yes, its finally raining and pouring cats and dogs here in Mumbai City…and I am ecstatic : )
The rains
have always been my favourite season and I am so much at bliss during the monsoons. As I kid, I used to feel that when God was happy and He had a hearty laugh, tears would roll down His cheeks and it would rain…!! It was a sign of His Happiness which came down as blessing soothing the dry, arid and burning minds of all His Children!
What immense joy and pleasure it is to see the green trees having a celebration of sorts with
Beautiful Mommy Nature, dancing, swaying, endlessly giggling and passing on all their happy vibes to souls like me who then join in their party!
Water falling from the Heaven’s fountain and for a lo
ng four months…its sure a cleansing process I feel. The washing and bathing of the dusty, clogged minds and hearts and love being flowed incessantly into our hungry souls…That’s the beauty of the rains…from the Heaven’s own intricately carved white marble fountain : )
With all our the sorrows and bitterness being washed away it sure makes my heart bloom to see My Eternal Soulmate being happy after a long long time!
As I write these words sitting in my office as it pours heavily outside, I cant seem to focus enough on where these words are flowing…the breeze touching my face and asking me to come out and play with it and the trees inviting me to have a tea break..;)
The rains have such a calming effect on me and I just keep having bouts of amnesia forgetting all my worries and petty issues which usually keep bothering me, thanks to me brooding temperament.

Like me, Kunal too is such a nature lover and our talks about its captivating beauty especially during the monsoons seem to be endless! Over a hot cup of tea, he usually comes up with all those topics that he would otherwise not open up with and I am so peacefully hearing out all his talks (without the slightest irritation ;) and he says it’s the magic of rains that his sister has become such a good girl so instantly! I agree with him, after all it’s the magic of His Laughter remember??!!
Rains come every year and bring with it so many nostalgic moments and cherished memories of my loved ones especially my father, who too was a die hard romantic at heart and an ardent rain lover..all the moments I shared with him liven up this time of the year and there was never any monsoon without his loving thought and even now as I write these words I have a photo of his near me and can feel his blessed aura :)
My only consolation is that he is with Him sharing the joyous laughter and having a goodtime : )
From your mad little sweety and kuni..who are still stumbling without you..we so dearly miss you and your Love..every moment and every heartbeat…
May you always be happy and have that million dollar smile on your face everytime you see us march ahead and put up a brave front :))

Happy Monsoons to you Papa :)


Anonymous said...

What a lovely, heatfelt post. I loved every part of it - from your conversation with your brother to the beautiful memories of your papa that you shared with us. He is surely happy and proud and at peace. Lots of love to you. xx pari

P.S. WOOHOO the rain is finally with you! I love the rain too! Think of me when you are splashing through puddles :)

Krishna. N. C. said...

My Beloved Pari Jaan,
Thank you so much for your love and warmth :)
I have tried to pour out all my emotions in these words..
I am missing you so much here, i know you love the rains too!
Dont worry i am going to have your share of fun and frolic ;)Here i am sending you some splashes of the chilled raindrops...Enjoy :))
Love, hugs and my heartfelt prayers for you always..God bless you :))

brokenmystic said...

This was so beautifully written. I Love the rain too. I'm not an umbrella person, lol.

It's soothing to read your words and your reflections. It's very inspiring. I pray that some day, I may be able to express this kind of joy again, especially at the sigh of clouds and serene rainfall.

God bless you, dear Friend :)

darvish said...

Ah, you made me weep such tears of happiness at your tender and love-filled words, dearest Sister daughter sweetie Krishna :) What a good daughter you are, and sister :)
May Allah bless you dear heart and your handsome brother and loving mother with rain and merriment, joy and peace. Ameen.

Ya Haqq!

surjit said...

A wonderful spontaneous post.I admire your memories about your father.His blessings are always with you.
God bless you all.

Krishna. N. C. said...

My Dearest B.M,
Thank you so much for your kindwords :) I am delighted to hear from you and that you too join me in the list of rain lovers, LOL ;)
My heartfelt goodwishes and prayers for you too, always.

Krishna. N. C. said...

My Beloved Papa Darvish,
Your words have made my heart swell up in joy and smiles and i am so humbled :))
I thank you so much for that blessed heart which showers me with so much love and compassion :)
My Sincerest prayers and love for an absolute sweetheart and for his loved ones :)
God Bless you always.

Krishna. N. C. said...

Respected and my Dearest Surjit ji,
Pranaam :)
I thank you so much for your heartfelt love and blessings for me :)
Thank you so much for your kindwords :) I am really humbled and truly, papa's blessings are all i seek!
May God bless you and your loved ones always :)
My Love, hugs and prayers for a very noble soul :)

Dipti said...

Sweet Krishna .. you are so full of love innocence and life.... your words always make me cry .. the post is overwhelmingly beautiful and touching..may God blss you ...

Krishna. N. C. said...

Dearest Dipti,
I thank you so much Sis for all the love and warmth that you have always blessed me with :)
I am glad that somewhere these words have touched the strings of your beautiful soul.:)
My sincerest Love and prayers for a sweetheart!
God Bless you :)